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Major works projects funded by the NSW Government typically have significant formalised requirements for a diverse workforce with forward engagement with First Nations peoples and other disadvantaged groups. Committing to Aboriginal Participation and Industry Inclusion targets was a first step for Ertech in Transport for NSW’s Cox’s River Road Upgrade project. The immediate next step was to work through how to track and manage the workforce to meet the targets – a more complex matter than it initially sounds. Ertech understood this as a significant challenge and engaged Ineco to manage and report on Aboriginal Participation and Industry Inclusion.

Ineco personnel seamlessly worked alongside the Ertech team in a staged process to understand the requirements, ensure effective engagement and access to information, and deliver the needed results. Ertech found that partnering with Ineco ensured a best practice approach to Workforce Development and Industry Participation, ultimately delivering sustainable employment opportunities.

The work model undertaken by Ineco ensured the Cox’s River Road project manager exceeded the minimum requirements for workforce diversity, delivering an effective and economical process for collation and tracking of workforce data. Also, by engaging Ineco, Ertech was able to add another certified Aboriginal business to its social procurement list on this project.


Together with Ertech, Ineco delivered a Pre-Employment Program (PEP) focusing on local, long-term unemployed persons including two Aboriginal men. Ertech partnered with Ineco as a specialist provider of Workforce Development services to co-ordinate the program. Ineco consultants have a strong foundation of experience working with Transport for NSW on Social Procurement and Workforce Development programs, specifically Pre-Employment Programs. Five of the eight course attendees were offered labourer positions in the project. 100% of participants successfully passed all modules and completed the training.


Ertech received detailed and accurate monthly reports providing a snapshot of the makeup of the workforce with recommendations on areas needing focus. Subsequent monthly discussion and compliance signoff by Transport for NSW representatives was achieved. 5 long term unemployed participants were selected to join the Ertech 2023 Pre-Employment Program. All the PEP participants will be employed be Ertech or subcontractors.